If anyone understands the benefits and challenges of working in a digital world, it is the Live Out Loud team. One of our core values as a small, intimate team is flexibility; we value the flexibility to work remotely when needed and holistically pursue a healthy work-life balance from any workspace.

We pride ourselves on being excellent communicators and constant learners. One thing we will always commit ourselves to internally and for our clients is pursuing the highest degree of communication, be it in-person, digital or via phone. Here are eight simple rules from Nick Morgan, a communications theorist and coach, to improve communication no matter where you are:

Take the group’s emotional temperature. From quick morning check-ins to Insta emojis, we like to know where we all stand before we get down to work.

Express yourself. Our goal is to remove the guesswork from communication, not make it harder. That’s why we strive to be clear in our intentions and expectations, both internally and with all of our clients.

Assign an MC for regular meetings. With clearly designated roles for each of our accounts and processes, there is always a team member who is ready to run the show!

Schedule meetings for the appropriate time duration. The adage “Time is money” is true for our company and all of our clients. We make it our mission to include only necessary team members for the proper amount of time, and are always willing to analyze processes to ensure we still have it right!

Schedule non-work moments. We start each team call with a recap of what is new in our lives: from engagements, to first steps and words, we share it all! Likewise, we encourage a familial dynamic with our clients and love hearing what is happening in their lives outside of work as well. Our strongest connections are made when we get to know the people behind the work.

Don’t go longer than ten minutes in any format without a break. Need we say more?

Never send a brick email at the last minute. We prefer allocating reasonable amounts of time to accomplish productive tasks. Call us crazy!

If you’re interested in learning more about the way we work at Live Out Loud, send us a note today!


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